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Southern Electronic Services (SES) is an Australian manufacturer specialising in power transformer solutions.

Enjoy the convenience of quick response time, fast turn-around and speedy national distribution. Waiting on a custom transformer from China may take up to 12 weeks. SES is able to supply custom power transformers from our Melbourne factory in four weeks or even less.

When industrial worksites have to wait around for equipment to arrive from overseas, a considerable amount of time and money is wasted. Take the mining industry for example - if a dragline excavator malfunctions, the resulting downtime costs around $75,000 an hour. Stocking spare parts on-site, or having an Australian manufacturer to quickly supply the necessary parts, saves millions in lost revenue.

Similarly, ordering a standard power transformer runs the risk of the component not being quite right for your specifications. If you can’t be 100 per cent certain of the reliability and efficiency of the power transformer that you are purchasing, you may be wasting your money.

We Solve Power Transformer Issues at our Melbourne Factory

Buy Australian made and relax with the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a company whose reputation for reliability is second to none. All SES products are supplied with a 12-month guarantee so your peace of mind has a written confirmation.

With more than 40 years in the power transformer field, we have knowledge to share and an ongoing curiosity about how to solve problems that we haven’t yet come across. Our purpose is to make your production and manufacturing as efficient and reliable as possible, and to work with you in creating new and ever-more efficient ways of operating.

Applications for an SES Custom Transformer

  • Imported equipment that need transformers for Australian use
  • The manufacture of equipment here for local use or overseas sales
  • The production lines of OEMs
  • Industries (rail, science, mining, audio/visual, electronic, automotive) that require custom-made transformers
  • Increasing efficiency of existing transformers without incurring too much cost


  • Nothing short of exceptional
    Deacam P/L were engaged to perform various project works associated with the Bayswater Level Crossing Removal (LCRP). Quick turnaround from suppliers were paramount to achieving project deadlines. After approaching multiple transformer manufacturing companies, S.E.S ( Southern Electronic Services) were the only company who were able to guarantee the manufacturing lead time required. A 60 kva transformer ordered 25/11/16 and delivered 2/12/16 was nothing short of exceptional considering we were receiving indicative lead times from other manufacturers of up to 30 days. We will be happy to engage SES again.  
    Brendan Girt, Deacam Operations Mgr.
    Deacam Industrial Electrical Engineering
  • Responsive and accommodating
    Southern Electronic Services have been supplying GBC Scientific Equipment with the majority of our Transformer and associated products for use in our range of Analytical Instruments since 1987. The Products supplied by Southern Electronic Services are an integral part of our Scientific Instruments, which enable our Customers to analyse elements in solution, up to parts per billion. We have found Southern Electronic Services to be very responsive and accommodating in times of increasing demand, always doing their utmost to get their products to GBC Scientific in a timely manner, supplying the correct product, at the right time and place with a minimum of hassle.
    Charles Huberts, Purchasing Manager
    GBC Scientific Equipment Pty Ltd
  • Nothing too big or small
    Monex GeoScope has been using SES for over a decade now. We are a small manufacturing company making specialist acquisition system for which we need precision components. SES provide our transformers, inductors. We have limited runs and our products must be extremely repeatable and that is exactly what we receive from SES. SES have also provided invaluable advice and insight into designing induction coils with unique properties again with limited quantities. Given our size we have never felt that we are not important to SES; they provide a competitive quote and timeframe and adhere to it. We have and continue to find dealing with SES extremely pleasing .
  • Reliable products for over 30 years
    I would like to express our company’s pleasure in our dealings with Southern Electronic Services, which has extended now to nearly 30 years. We have always been dealt with in a professional and efficient manner, be that from yourself or your staff. Your products have been reliable and to my knowledge, I’m not aware of even one failure. So, thank you from PIC Australia and we will keep on using and recommending Southern Electronic Services.
  • Rapid Response
    Dewar Electronics have been dealing with Southern Electronic Services P/L for over 30 years. Scott and his team have always provided us with quality products and prompt service. We are extremely satisfied with their service, especially when we need product in a hurry. They do whatever it takes to help us out. We highly recommend their services to anyone.
    Delia Jones, Director
    Dewar Electronics Pty Ltd
  • Highest quality products
    Southern Electronic has been the main supplier for our transformer coils for over 10 years. Our transformers come with a four-year warranty period; we are able to offer this due to the quality workmanship of Southern Electronic. Their staff have always been there to help us with any technical enquiries, and their service has always been great. I would recommend Southern Electronic to anyone looking for transformers/winding service.

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