Our Power Transformer Range

What a Transformer Does
Transformers are fundamentally simple devices that transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another by means of magnetic induction. An alternating current (AC) in the primary circuit creates a changing magnetic field in the iron core. This magnetic field induces a changing (AC) voltage in the secondary circuit. Connection of a load across the secondary will result in an AC current flowing, transferring electrical energy from the primary circuit to the secondary circuit.

The ratio of turns between the primary and secondary circuit determines the output voltage of a power transformer. The secondary induced voltage Vs, of an ideal transformer, is scaled from the primary Vp by a factor equal to the ratio of the number of turns of wire in their respective windings.

Southern Electronic Services manufactures a variety of transformers at our Melbourne factory.

Which Power Transformer Suits Your Purpose?

We manufacture transformers for a variety of situations.

We can provide transformers in bulk through our network of overseas suppliers or we can manufacture a custom transformer for your unique needs. Find out more about our power transformer range:

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