Control Transformers for Constant Voltage

Control transformers are generally used in electronic circuits that require low voltage to power control circuitry.

Southern Electronic Services designs custom control transformer solutions for industrial applications where electromagnetic devices such as solenoids and relays are used.

For us to provide the correct control transformer specification, we need the input and output voltages, plus the required output current.

Our custom control transformer units integrate high-quality insulating materials.

We electrically insulate layer-to-layer windings, turn-to-turn windings, primary-to-secondary windings and ground. We impregnate our control transformers with modified polyester resin and then oven-cure the units. This seals the surface of the transformer and eliminates moisture.

Order a Custom Control Transformer Unit

Talk to us today about your control transformer requirements. Phone (03) 9706 4202 or contact us online to determine if we can find a solution for you.

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