Isolation & Drive Isolation Transformers

Why choose an Isolation Transformer

An isolation transformer, as the name suggests, isolates your equipment, circuitry, or device from the main power source, protecting your equipment and personnel. The primary advantages of an Isolation Transformer over an Auto Transformer are safety, surge reduction, noise reduction and better overall power quality.

Southern Electronic Services have built a huge range of Isolation Transformers over the years. The quality of our workmanship, thorough testing procedures, and shared expertise allow us to build you a custom isolation transformer to your specific requirements, fast. SES Isolation Transformers are designed, built and tested to AS/NZS 61558.2-4. Isolation Transformers do this to transfer electrical power from a source of AC power to a device while isolating the device from the power source for safety purposes.

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Drive-Isolation Transformers - for extreme environments

Standard isolation transformers are not designed to handle some of the extreme mechanical, electrical, and environmental conditions that some applications provide, so we also manufacture a special type of transformer to cope with these extreme requirements – a drive-isolation transformer.

Drive-isolation transformers are designed to handle high mechanical stresses, as well as prevent harmful harmonics and voltage spikes from flowing back into electrical supply lines, which could result in damage to other electrical equipment. SES has been supplying drive-isolation transformers to the mining industry for over 15 years for use in draglines and similar equipment, where they are subject to high vibration and harsh environmental conditions.

Features of a Custom-Made SES Drive-Isolation Transformer

  • Fast turnaround – often within a few weeks of ordering
  • Available in a wide power range – up to 600KVA
  • Extremely robust construction
  • Double wound – with a choice of input and output voltages
  • Electro-static screens between primary and secondary windings
  • Low load regulation
  • Insulation class H – 180°C
  • Ability to withstand up to 200 per cent full-rated load current for 30 seconds
  • Designed to cope with over-voltage inputs
  • Braced to withstand extreme vibration
  • Tough double varnish impregnation
  • Optional ±2.5% & ±5% no load taps
  • Encased in rugged powder-coated IP23 ventilated enclosures
  • Removable gland plates and clearly marked terminals for ease of installation

When a Drive-Isolation Transformer is required

The main application for our Drive-Isolation Transformers is in the mining industry where they are primarily used on draglines. Draglines are some of the largest vehicles on Earth and are subject to some of the harshest environments imaginable. Dragline Isolation transformers need to endure heavy and continuous vibration, high external temperatures, potentially harmful harmonics, and many other factors, which is why mining companies across Australia and beyond choose Southern Electronic Services to supply their transformer solutions.

SES has supplied and continues to supply, Drive-Isolation transformers and other power solutions to companies such as ABB, BHP (BHP Mitsubishi Alliance), Glencore, and more.

Popular power ratings for our Drive-Isolation Transformers

Common power ratings for our Drive Isolation Transformers include:
51kVA, 75kVA, 93kVA, 120kVA, 200kVA, 350kVA and 575kVA.

Of course, we can supply anything between the above noted kVA, up to around 600kVA.


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