Get an Australian-Made Three-Phase Transformer

Southern Electronic Services manufactures custom-made three-phase transformers across Australia with a fast turnaround – often within days. Why lose money while you wait for your transformer to be shipped from overseas?

We can construct your three-phase transformer using our extensive range of bobbins, cores, frames and enclosures. Our transformers are compliant with Australian Standard AS61558-1997 & AS60076-2005.

We guarantee that our transformers will have a robust construction, a choice of mounting configurations and different options for enclosures.

We Manufacture to Your Specifications

A three-phase transformer from Southern Electronic Services is constructed with:

  • A wide power range – from 100VA to 500KVA
  • Low load regulation
  • Insulation classes up to class H – 180°C
  • Multiple secondary windings option
  • Electro-static screen option between primary and secondary windings
  • Choice of input and output voltages with taps if required
  • Available as open type with flying leads or terminal blocks
  • Tough varnish coating – clear or black

Enclosures for Your Three-Phase Transformer

Southern Electronic Services can encase your three-phase transformer in a powder-coated steel (IP23) enclosure for hard wiring, or with mains cord on input & output socket on the outside of the case.

We offer wall mounting enclosures for sizes up to about 5KVA.

What are your Three-Phase Transformer Requirements?

If you are unsure what kind of transformer you need or have any questions regarding the manufacture of a three-phase transformer, phone us on (03) 9706 4202 or contact us online.