Get an Australian-Made Three-Phase Transformer


Southern Electronic Services manufactures custom-made three-phase transformers across Australia with a fast turnaround – often within days. Why lose money while you wait for your transformer to be shipped from overseas?

Our experienced team will construct your three-phase transformer using only the best materials suited to your specific project needs. Everything that leaves our factory has been thoroughly tested and are compliant with Australian Standard AS61558 & AS60076.

Our Three-Phase Transformers are available in multiple configurations: Star-Star(Yy), Delta-Delta(Dd), Star-Delta(Yd) & Delta-Star(Dy).

We guarantee that our transformers will have a robust construction.

Manufactured to Your Specifications

A three-phase transformer from Southern Electronic Services is constructed with:

  • A wide power range – from 100VA to 600KVA
  • Choice of input and output voltages with taps if required
  • Low load regulation
  • Insulation classes up to class H – 180°C
  • Multiple secondary windings option
  • Choice of enclosure rating (open, IP23, IP65, other)
  • Various termination options available
  • Electro-static screen option between primary and secondary windings
  • Tough varnish insulating coating

Enclosures for Your Three-Phase Transformer

Southern Electronic Services can supply your transformer open, or encase your three-phase transformer in a pearl grey powder-coated steel enclosure for hard wiring. Our standard enclosure is rated at IP23, or IP65 for when more protection is necessary.
Other IP rated enclosure are available on request.
Check this useful IP rating table.

We offer wall mounting enclosures for sizes up to about 5KVA.

What are your Three-Phase Transformer Requirements?

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