June 23, 2022

NASA, Space Launch Stations & SES Transformers

The brand new Arnhem Space Centre, located in far north Northern Territory, is a ground-breaking launch facility that has been built for national, international, and commercial space agencies. It is the only commercially owned and run multi-launch site in the world and Boasts an array of launch options, highly beneficial environmental factors, and comprehensive infrastructure. It is about to celebrate the first launch from the facility later this month when NASA launches their BBIX rocket from the ASC site.

Southern Electronic Services, through our valued long-term customer Thytec Australia, has supplied power transformers to the site, to assist the NASA teams convert Australia's 240v mains down to 110v to allow them to use their US equipment. Being mission critical equipment, NASA chose Thytec and Southern Electronic Services for their power supply solutions for the reliability, conservative design and robust design benefits of our products.

SES Transformers supplied a 3-phase 415v / 208v @ 56A (20kVA) isolation transformer.

June 6, 2022

Transformers for ABB Hydrogen Generation power systems

ABB has developed, and continues to develop, a broad portfolio revolving around Hydrogen energy. Their offering provides for the full value chain - production, transport, storage and consumption.

ABB recognizes that we are currently living in the most critical years in shaping how the planet is going to look for generations to come. The successful decarbonization of our global economy. Which is why this mega-force global company has shifted its focus strongly onto renewable energy production with extensive solutions for solar and hydro energy, wind power, smart cities, and now hydrogen.

Southern Electronic Services recently completed a number of transformers for ABB Australia's Hydrogen Pilot Project, including auxiliary transformers, DC Inductors, and rectifier transformer.

For other projects using Southern Electronic Services transformers, visit our projects page. To check out ABB, click here.

May 17, 2022

Hydro Tasmania

For many years now SES has been supplying Hydro Tasmania with a range of low-volt, high accuracy voltage transformers, and other componentry.

Hydro Tasmania is Australia's leading clean energy business and the largest generator of renewable energy. Hydro Tas is the key factor that allows the state of Tasmania to be powered by over 90% clean energy, and with continued investment, will allow Tasmania to become a net exporter of electricity, assisting the rest of Australia's National Electricity Market.

Hydro Tasmania should be seen as a prime example of how green energy can undeniably replace conventional electricity generation.

April 21, 2022

Stand-alone renewable power solutions

SES recently designed and built six custom 20kVA transformers (SD8027) for an off-grid solar pilot program in Western Australia that involved Western Power, AGL, and Positive Off-Grid Solutions.

The concept: provide power more efficiently and effectively to remote locations such as rural communities, farms, schools, mines, worksites etc.

The solution: Self-contained solar and battery systems, that can be dropped anywhere and begin producing and providing electricity. The entire system stored within a standard shipping container, with foldable solar panels easily deployable, the system can be transported anywhere, dropped into position and begin supplying power immediately.

The transformer challenge: The challenge was keeping the size AND temperature rise of the transformer to a minimum. Given the limited and valuable space within the shipping container, size had to be kept to a minimum. And then given that these systems would be being dropped in very hot conditions (45+ ambient temperatures), keeping everything as cool as possible was paramount. Reliability was obviously another requirement - placed in the middle of nowhere meant no quick fixes if something was to go wrong.

Using grain-oriented (GO) steel for the core, and making the transformer tall and lean, we managed to maximise the natural cooling while minimizing the physical footprint of the transformer.

The result: our SD8027 units were unbelievable. The test results were spot on, and the watts lost figures were incredibly low, thanks to the GO steel and slim, tall design. Even in a metal container in the sweltering WA outback these SD8027 units will run perfectly and run cool for many, many years.

April 21, 2022

Pathfinder – The cutting edge

Pathfinder is an innovative Australian manufacturer that specialises in automated cutting technology, specifically flexible or semi-rigid materials.

Operating since 1996, Pathfinder's wide range of machines are the best choice for many companies that need automated cutting room solutions for clothing, furniture, automotive and countless other industries. Some of their most notable customers include names like Seafolly, RM Williams, Flight Interiors, LaZBoy, Carbon Revolution.

Just like Pathfinder's customers that have chosen them as the best in what they do, Pathfinder has been using SES transformers in their products for more than 2 decades. We have worked closely with Pathfinder to provide them with a custom solution for their unique requirements.

Pathfinder is a perfect example of an Australian-based equipment manufacturer that is benefitting from SES products. If you have a unique power need, speak to us about providing you with a fit-for-purpose solution.

April 11, 2022

Keeping Melbourne’s railway safe

For over 30 years, Southern Electronic Services have been supplying Australian railways with a range of power solutions. From railway signal crossings to backup safety solutions along the lines, components manufactured here at Southern Electronic Services have kept our railways running safely.

So the next time you head to the footy, tennis or any number of awesome things to do in Melbourne, you can think of us!

April 11, 2022
Huon Class Minehunter

Huon Class Mine-Hunter Vessels

SES was engaged by the Royal Australian Nacy to design and construct demagnetising coils for use on their Huon Class mine-hunter vessels.

Due to the hostile mine environments that these vessels operate in, having a low magnetic signature is integral. As such, the RAN needed to be 100% confident that the demagnetising coils would be reliable, long-lasting and safe. Naturally, they chose Southern Electronic Services to design and build these components.

May 5, 2022

Powering Jet Fighters

BEAK is a leading supplier of enhanced solutions to the Aerospace and Defence industries. Among other power supply units, SES supplies BEAK with a unique transformer/rectifier assembly that is used in their Ground Power Units, which are used by the Australian Defence Force to start fighter jets, as well as medium-sized commercial airliners such as the Airbus A320.
May 5, 2022

HMAS Collins class Subs

You will find SES Power transformers in the battery chargers of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Collins-class submarines.
April 11, 2022

Fast turnaround saves $$$

Mining, as most know, is big business. Any unforeseen delays or downtime can result in huge costs and the loss of production revenue can run into the millions very quickly.

Unlike many other transformer suppliers that manufacture their products off-shore, Southern Electronic Services can get products to Australian mining sites quickly, as all products are made here in Australia, in our Dandenong-based (Victoria) factory. This means that should a mine have an equipment failure, SES can provide a solution within a couple of weeks, sometimes days, whereas other suppliers may take months, saving the mine precious time and money to get back up and running.

April 11, 2022

Dragline Excavators rely on SES Drive-Isolation Transformers

Dragline Excavators are some of the largest vehicles on land. Standard isolation transformers are not designed to handle the extreme mechanical, electrical, and environmental conditions that this machinery are subject to, so we also manufacture a special type of transformer to cope with these extreme requirements – drive-isolation transformers.

SES has been supplying ABB (previously GE International) and their mining customers with a wide range of drive-isolation transformers, as well as other transformers and power supplies, for use in its Queensland and NSW mining operations for more than 20 years.

Drive-isolation transformers are designed to handle high mechanical stresses, as well as prevent harmful harmonics and voltage spikes from flowing back into electrical supply lines, which could result in damage to other electrical equipment. SES has been supplying drive-isolation transformers to the mining industry for over 20 years for use in draglines and similar equipment, where they are subject to high vibration and harsh environmental conditions.

April 8, 2022

Solar Sailor

The amazing Solar Sailor (pictured) uses Hybrid Marine Power (HMP), an integrated hybrid electric technology and Solarsails which harness renewable solar and wind energy. This vessel, used on Sydney Harbour during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, used transformers & chokes from SES in its inverter & battery charging systems.

It is funny to think back to this, only 20 years ago but feels like a lifetime ago - although still a magnificent piece of futuristic achievement for the time, as iconic as this catamaran was, it is amazing to see how the improvement of solar and other renewable technology has continued to develop at such pace that this no looks almost cumbersome. I guess it's similar to the first iPod, a revolutionary piece of equipment but now looks like a brick!

April 8, 2022

Step-down Transformers for Love Tea

Love Tea™ is an Australian-based company specialising in the manufacture and supply of a selection of organic and fair trade teas, packaged to your special needs. Recently, Love Tea™ installed a new Fuso International teabag packaging machine. Fuso sent out Japanese technical experts to install and commission the machine, unfortunately finding that no transformer had been supplied. Love Tea™ found Southern Electronic Services, who came to the rescue by supplying a 100V Single-Phase Transformer and a 200V Three-Phase Transformer within the same day as Love Tea enquiring. Thanks to the extensive range of Step-down Transformers that Southern Electronic Services stocks, they are able to solve many potentially big problems easily.
April 8, 2022

The MCG never sounded so good

Apart from the ear-aching performance by Meat Loaf at the 2011 AFL Grand Final halftime show, the MCG’s revitalised speaker system has helped crowds get even more immersed in the entertainment than ever. The sound system was replaced when  Great Southern Stand , now the Shane Warne Stadium (and deservedly-so, what a legend!) was rebuilt back in 1992, with Southern Electronic Services transformers supplying power solutions to the ground-breaking PA system.