Solar Industry Utilises Our Custom Transformer Solutions

Southern Electronic Services has been working with the renewable energy sector for 20 years. This rapidly growing industry provides another area of demand for high-efficiency transformers and chokes.

Remote area power supplies enable rural dwellers to enjoy the same electrical power as city dwellers, without connection to the electricity grid. These systems use renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and micro-hydro to augment power from batteries and generators. Sine-wave inverters control the power source. Over the years we have produced custom transformer solutions to assist with the development of renewable energy systems with Siemens, Butler Solar, Selectronic Australia, Power Solutions Australia and Solar Systems.

Energy systems incorporating SES transformers and chokes have been used in remote outback regions of Australia as well as grid-connected village electrification in India.

The innovative Solar Sailor (pictured) uses hybrid marine power, an integrated hybrid electric technology and Solarsails, which harness renewable solar and wind energy. SES manufactured a custom transformer and chokes for the Solar Sailor vessel’s inverter and battery charging systems.

Satisfied Commercial Customers

Over the years we have built numerous customer relationships and have delivered plenty of outstanding commercial projects such as:

  • Melbourne Cricket Ground, Great Southern Stand
  • Crown Casino, Melbourne
  • Melbourne Park (National Tennis Centre)
  • The City Loop (Melbourne Underground Rail Loop)
  • The Alfred & Royal Women’s Hospitals
  • Darling Harbour Development, Sydney
  • Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame, Longreach, Queensland
  • Railway signalling equipment throughout Australia and South East Asia
  • Renewable power systems and remote area power systems (RAPS) throughout Australia and South East Asia
  • Tamworth’s Keepit Dam (about two thirds the size of Sydney Harbour)

Power Ahead with your Commercial Project

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