Our Power Transformer Missions for Defence

A leader in the industry, Southern Electronic Services has the capability to manufacture components for Australia’s defence services.

We have successfully completed projects for the Australian Government’s Department of Defence including:

  • Power transformer units in the battery chargers of some of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Collins class submarines
  • Design and construction of demagnetising coils for use on RAN mine-hunter vessels
  • Microphone transformers and power transformers for RAN frigates and destroyers
  • Transformer/rectifier assemblies for ground power units used to start jet fighters
  • BAE Systems Australia
  • Dytecna
  • Australasian Training Aids (ATA)

Our defence customers have included:

  • BAE Systems Australia
  • Dytecna
  • Australasian Training Aids (ATA)
  • Advanced Power Machinery

Australia’s Department of Defence manages $74.9 billion of total assets including approximately $41.3 billion of specialist military equipment. SES is proud to have the capability and credibility to provide power transformer solutions to the Department of Defence.

An Australian-Made Power Transformer Will Deliver

With our factory based in Australia in south-east Melbourne, we can produce transformers within a much shorter time-frame than those sourced from overseas. Our customers, such as the defence contractors listed above, have peace of mind knowing that their transformers have been manufactured with quality components and highly trained staff.

Get Melbourne-Made Transformers

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