Transformers for Medical Applications

Southern Electronic Services is able to design and manufacture transformers for medical purposes. When medical equipment is imported from another country, it is often designed to operate on a different voltage to Australian power (single phase 240v 50Hz, or three phase 415v 50Hz). We can provide hospitals and medical clinics with suitably rated auto transformers so they do not have to buy a more expensive isolation transformer or undergo the process of having the equipment rewound to operate on Australian power.

According to Australian Standard AS 3000 – 1986 (Clause 4.28.4), auto transformers that change the voltage by more than 25 per cent need to be an integral part of the equipment they are powering. Hard wiring the medical equipment to the output of the auto transformer sufficiently fulfils this requirement.

Our Transformers in Action

We have supplied transformers as solutions for incompatible medical equipment purchased from overseas countries.

  • An isolation transformer was fitted to operate the oxygen generation equipment installed at one of Tonga’s major hospitals.
  • We supplied auto transformers to Toshiba to adapt Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines imported from Japan to Australia.
  • We supplied isolation transformer solutions to The Alfred Hospital and Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Shorter, Quieter and Doughnut Shaped!

We are also able to supply toroidal transformers (also known as doughnut transformers due to their shape), which have extremely low external fields and are usually much lower in height than conventional transformers. Toroidal transformers have extremely efficient functionality with low core losses, as well as low magnetic stray field, temperature rise, weight and size. They also have easy mounting and operate quietly without much sound.

Toroidal transformers are used in medical electronics, robotics, avionics, motor controls and UPS (uninterruptable power supply) industries.

Toroidal transformers can be difficult to source in Australia, especially in bulk, due to the high set-up costs. Southern Electronic Services can assist with high-volume requirements through our overseas supplier network.

Sourcing Auto and Toroidal Transformers

If you have questions about auto or toroidal transformers, please get in touch with our friendly engineers to help with your decision making. Phone (03) 9706 4202 or contact us online.