Reliable Power Transformer Solutions for Railways

Southern Electronic Services designs and manufactures equipment used in railway signalling systems throughout Australasia and the Asia Pacific region.

Transformers for Train Networks

Across Australia and beyond, Southern Electronic Services range of power transformer solutions, solenoids and tune units have kept our trains running safely. We have been supplying Siemens Rail (formerly Westinghouse Rail Systems and Invensys Rail) with power transformer solutions, solenoids and tune units for more than 30 years.

One of our most high-profile international customers is MTR, Hong Kong’s railway network. SES supplies transformers for installation in the train carriages to power air-conditioning equipment.

Over the years SES has designed and manufactured many thousands of components for railway signalling applications. There has been a strong demand for reliable transformers to power railway signal lights, solenoid coils for railway contactors, and motor stator windings for boom-gate motors.

We also produce tune units, which are used to inject and remove signals which are sent along the railway lines. Due to the fact that railway lines are welded into a continuous length, signals are injected to send messages along the line, but then have to be removed so the signal does not continue indefinitely around the country.

For more information on our expertise in supplying power transformer solutions for railway signalling applications, phone (03) 9706 4202 or contact us online.