Need a Custom-Made Step-Down Transformer in a Hurry?


Custom made and fast turn-around rarely go together – except at Southern Electronic Services. Whether you need a single-phase, three-phase or encased step-down transformer, we strive to offer you the most reliable, efficient and flexible service in Australia.

Step-Down Transformer Solutions

You may have an appliance from overseas that you need to adapt to Australian voltage. Or you might be manufacturing a product that will require the capability to be used internationally. We can make transformers that will go either way (‘up’ or ‘down’) – whatever you require. Common applications include industrial machinery, lighting, amplifiers and consumer electrical goods but this list is not exhaustive, so contact us if you have any equipment that needs to step up or step down voltage.


Step-Down Transformer Checklist

  • Do you know the amps of your device?
  • Do you know the total VA the device uses? (VA = amps x volts)
  • Does your appliance have a motor?
  • Will you be running more than one appliance from the transformer?

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Advantages of an SES Step-Down Transformer

We can design, manufacture and supply a quality step-down transformer to suit your requirements. Benefits include:

  • Australian Standard AS61558 – 1997 compliant
  • Available in a wide power range – from 2VA to 500KVA
  • Insulation classes up to class H – 180°C
  • Fast turnaround for a custom transformer – often within days
  • Multiple secondary windings
  • Electro-static screen can be placed between primary and secondary windings
  • Tapped input and/or output windings
  • Choice of mounting brackets
  • Encased in a powder-coated steel (IP23) enclosure
  • Terminal blocks or flying leads
  • Tough varnish coating in either clear or black

Fast Turn-Around

We keep a wide range of components and enclosures in stock, which means we can provide your custom step-down transformer within days.

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