Built tough for the toughest environments on earth

The environments that coal and other metallurgical mining occur in, particularly in Australia, is tough. It's hot, dirty, and relentless. Equipment in these environments need to be able to withstand these elements, as any equipment failure can result in millions of dollars in downtime. That is why many companies involved in this industry choose SES transformers which are designed, built, and tested to operate in these tough environments for not just years, but for decades.

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Below are a few examples of power solutions we have provided into the mining sector.

April 11, 2022

Fast turnaround saves $$$

Mining, as most know, is big business. Any unforeseen delays or downtime can result in huge costs and the loss of production revenue can run into the millions very quickly.

Unlike many other transformer suppliers that manufacture their products off-shore, Southern Electronic Services can get products to Australian mining sites quickly, as all products are made here in Australia, in our Dandenong-based (Victoria) factory. This means that should a mine have an equipment failure, SES can provide a solution within a couple of weeks, sometimes days, whereas other suppliers may take months, saving the mine precious time and money to get back up and running.

April 11, 2022

Dragline Excavators rely on SES Drive-Isolation Transformers

Dragline Excavators are some of the largest vehicles on land. Standard isolation transformers are not designed to handle the extreme mechanical, electrical, and environmental conditions that this machinery are subject to, so we also manufacture a special type of transformer to cope with these extreme requirements – drive-isolation transformers.

SES has been supplying ABB (previously GE International) and their mining customers with a wide range of drive-isolation transformers, as well as other transformers and power supplies, for use in its Queensland and NSW mining operations for more than 20 years.

Drive-isolation transformers are designed to handle high mechanical stresses, as well as prevent harmful harmonics and voltage spikes from flowing back into electrical supply lines, which could result in damage to other electrical equipment. SES has been supplying drive-isolation transformers to the mining industry for over 20 years for use in draglines and similar equipment, where they are subject to high vibration and harsh environmental conditions.

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