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Alpha Electrics & Water is Tasmania’s largest supplier and repairer of electrical and water solutions. Recently the team at Alpha engaged Southern Electronic Services to produce a 400v to 600v @ 45kVA 3 phase transformer for their customer Caterpillar, as part of a pilot project for upgrading their sites for 600V equipment.

They did not require a neutral point on either Primary or Secondary, and it was critical for their equipment that there be no phase displacement, so we designed a custom 3-phase isolation Delta-Delta (Dd0) transformer to provide them with 600V @ 43A output from their 400V main supply input.

Being used inside, we fitted the transformer into one of our IP23 enclosures, which we have specifically designed to provide optimal air natural (ANAN) cooling of our transformers. Cool air gets naturally pulled in from the pulled-metal mesh base, flows through and around the transformers’ enameled copper windings, and the hot air is extracted from the louvered vents in the top through convection, keeping our transformers cool and ready to go for many decades of operation.

SES transformers are designed conservatively and built with only the best materials, to ensure durability and reliability.

If you have any custom transformer needs, such as Alpha did, contact us today. As all of our transformers are built in our Melbourne-based factory, we ensure great service, fast turnaround times, and excellent products.

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