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A Custom Transformer for Every Situation

Our company manufactures power transformers, chokes and other wound components which are specifically designed to meet our customers’ requirements. We stock a wide range of materials enabling us to meet urgent custom transformer requirements within days, or even sooner! Our transformers are generally manufactured in these sizes:

  • Single phase 50 VA up to 500 KVA
  • Three phase 100 VA up to 600 KVA
  • Isolation and Auto transformer options

An extensive range of power supplies and variable transformers is also available.

About one third of our power transformer production goes into Australian-made equipment for export. As a result, our Melbourne-made transformers are currently being used in some 85 countries around the world.

Our Transformers in Melbourne and Beyond

Our current customers include Siemens Mobility (previously Westinghouse/Invensys), ABB, Tassal and many others, all of whom are most satisfied with our products.

Our transformers operate at many Melbourne landmarks including:

  • Melbourne Cricket Ground, Great Southern Stand
  • Crown Casino, Melbourne
  • Melbourne Park (National Tennis Centre)
  • The City Loop (Melbourne Underground Rail Loop)
  • The Alfred & Royal Women’s Hospitals

We have also created custom transformer solutions for interstate and international projects including:

  • Darling Harbour Development, Sydney
  • Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame, Longreach, Queensland
  • Railway signalling equipment throughout Australia and South East Asia
  • Renewable power systems and remote area power systems (RAPS) throughout Australia and South East Asia

We designed and supplied several specially shielded 10 KVA isolation transformer solutions for installation at the three Australian research bases in Antarctica.

SES also designed and built transformers for use on the Antarctic supply ship “RV Investigator” and its predecessor “Aurora Australis”. Another contract involved the design and supply of three-phase isolation transformer equipment and filters to IBM for use with their “3390” mainframe computers. These transformers have been installed in the electronic data processing centres of major banks and insurance companies throughout Australia

A Business That You Can Trust

Our state-of-the-art, microprocessor controlled winding equipment enables us to produce excellent EI-core and C-core transformers while making it possible for us to meet our customers’ quantity and delivery requirements. At the same time, we retain our ability to produce a single custom transformer unit or small numbers if so requested.

Southern Electronic Services is a member of the Standards Association of Australia, and all our products are designed and tested to conform to relevant Australian and International Standards.

We have had a Quality Assurance system to AS 3902 in place since September 1993. Combined with our extensive testing procedures, this ensures our customers receive reliable service and products at a reasonable price.

All our power transformer units and other components carry a 12-month guarantee covering materials and manufacture. We enthusiastically guard the good name that Southern Electronic Services has built up over more than 40 years of transformer production.

Please contact us online or phone (03) 9706 4202 today to discuss your custom transformer needs.