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SES Transformers in Australia’s new US Embassy

Defence Industrial Transformers

Southern Electronic Services recently supplied several 3-phase step-down transformers for Australia’s new embassy in the heart of Washington DC. SES is a long-time supplier to the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT), supplying both step down, step up and isolation transformers for many various DFAT projects. These particular 3-phase step down transformers were built…

HMAS Collins class Subs

Defence SES Projects

RAN Huon Class Mine-hunter Vessels

Powering Jet Fighters

Defence SES Projects

BEAK is a leading supplier of enhanced solutions to the Aerospace and Defence industries. Among other power supply units, SES supplies BEAK with a unique transformer/rectifier assembly that is used in their Ground Power Units, which are used by the Australian Defence Force to start fighter jets, as well as medium-sized commercial airliners such as…

Huon Class Mine-Hunter Vessels

Defence SES Projects

RAN Huon Class Mine-hunter Vessels SES was engaged by the Royal Australian Nacy to design and construct demagnetising coils for use on their Huon Class mine-hunter vessels. Due to the hostile mine environments that these vessels operate in, having a low magnetic signature is integral. As such, the RAN needed to be 100% confident that…