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3ph isol TF 1000v / 415v @ 200kVA IP65 with switchgear

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All of our transformers are designed and built here in Australia, giving us the ability to provide a custom solution quickly. SES keeps a large range of raw materials in stock, to be able to turn projects around quickly, reducing any potential downtime pressures on your end. Check out our capabilities below, and touch base with your custom 3-phase transformer requirements today.

If you’re not sure of your transformer requirements, please give us a call 03 9706 4202 and speak to our team.

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Manufactured to Your Specifications

SES will build three-phase transformers to meet your specific project needs:

  • 1kVA up to 600KVA power rating
  • Input voltage – designed to your needs, up to 3.3kV
  • Output voltage – designed to your needs, up to 3.3kV, multiple output windings if required
  • Isolation transformer or auto-transformer (Note that an auto-transformer is a single-winding transformer, providing a smaller & cheaper alternative to a double-wound T/F, useful when isolation from the input mains is not required)
  • ± 2.5% & ± 5% tappings available if required
  • Insulation classes – Class F (150°C) & Class H (180°C) as standard
  • Low load regulation
  • Enameled copper windings
  • Copper busbar terminals standard, other termination options available
  • Brass Earth stud provided on frame for connection
  • Electro-static screening if required
  • Tough varnish impregnation insulation coating
  • Additional switchgear fitting if required
  • Choice of enclosure rating (open, IP23, IP65, other)
SD415-75kVA – 3ph isol TF with ±2.5% & 5% taps, thermal temp sensors, top and bottom gland plates IP23 enclosure

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