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SES is very proud to have supplied transformers to many amazing companies leading the way in their respective renewable sectors. We have supplied transformers and componentry for solar, wind, hydro, biomass, and other experimental applications. We understand the challenges that these types of projects face, and know how to overcome them.

So, if you are in the industry and need power solutions and expertise, contact us today.

The Solar Sailor

Industrial Renewable SES Projects

The amazing Solar Sailor (pictured) uses Hybrid Marine Power (HMP), an integrated hybrid electric technology and Solarsails which harness renewable solar and wind energy. This vessel, used on Sydney Harbour during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, used transformers & chokes from SES in its inverter & battery charging systems. It is funny to think back…

Stand-alone renewable power solutions

Renewable SES Projects Industrial

SES recently designed and built six custom 20kVA transformers (SD8027) for an off-grid solar pilot program in Western Australia that involved Western Power, AGL, and Positive Off-Grid Solutions. The concept: provide power more efficiently and effectively to remote locations such as rural communities, farms, schools, mines, worksites etc. The solution: Self-contained solar and battery systems,…

Hydro Tasmania – Our largest green energy supplier

Industrial Renewable SES Projects

For many years now SES has been supplying Hydro Tasmania with a range of low-volt, high accuracy voltage transformers, and other componentry. Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s leading clean energy business and the largest generator of renewable energy. Hydro Tas is the key factor that allows the state of Tasmania to be powered by over 90%…

Transformers for ABB Hydrogen Generation power systems

Industrial Renewable SES Projects

ABB has developed, and continues to develop, a broad portfolio revolving around Hydrogen energy. Their offering provides for the full value chain – production, transport, storage and consumption. ABB recognizes that we are currently living in the most critical years in shaping how the planet is going to look for generations to come. The successful decarbonization of…

NASA, Space Launch Stations & SES Transformers

Industrial Renewable SES Projects

The brand new Arnhem Space Centre, located in far north Northern Territory, is a ground-breaking launch facility that has been built for national, international, and commercial space agencies. It is the only commercially owned and run multi-launch site in the world and Boasts an array of launch options, highly beneficial environmental factors, and comprehensive infrastructure….