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Southern Electronic Services recently supplied several 3-phase step-down transformers for Australia’s new embassy in the heart of Washington DC. SES is a long-time supplier to the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT), supplying both step down, step up and isolation transformers for many various DFAT projects.

These particular 3-phase step down transformers were built to drop the 3-phase voltage from 480v (US) to 415v (AUS), thus allowing the Embassy to utilize any Australian equipment brought over from home soil in the new building located US Capital.

Along with the 3 phase transformers, SES also fitted suitably rated circuit breakers into a separate wiring chamber, to protect the equipment on the output side of the transformer from any unwanted nasties from the input mains supply.

SES has supplied several different 3-phase stepdown transformers for DFAT’s new US embassy building, including a 45kVA and 75kVA auto transformers, and a 150kVA isolation transformer, each fitted with input and output MCCBs.

You can find out more about the new US Embassy by checking out the Australian Embassy website, and if you need a 3-phase step-down transformer, please do not hesitate to contact SES to discuss your requirements.

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